Transport NSW made its live tracking data available to the public in April 2016. Since, a flurry of app developers have started using it to make NSW public transport easier to use. So far the database has 2464 registered users and has produced 12 Transport NSW-endorsed apps. Here are some of the most useful.

Transit – free
Transit’s trip-planner feature lets you to navigate between any two points on a map easily. Once you choose the route you want, your phone will help you every step of the way. It will notify you when you should leave, when you are approaching the stop you want and then it will tell you how to find your way to your final destination. If you don’t like your public transport options the app can help you order an [Uber] or organise a bike share. You can also take Transit on holiday with you: it accesses data for 125 cities worldwide. The LA Times said: “You won’t realise how much time you can save planning until you use this app.”

Available from the iTunes Store and Google Play. – free allows people with limited mobility to better navigate Sydney’s public transport system. The app generates planned trips that take into account everything from ramps and stairs, to gradients, accessible parking spots and the layouts of stations. It also automatically updates trip plans if a service is delayed or cancelled, so customers aren’t forced to backtrack or go too far.

Available from the iTunes Store.

NextThere – free

NextThere tracks your location and keeps you updated on where your nearest public transport options are at all times. Once you start your trip the app lets you watch your journey on a real-time map and share your location with friends. With NextThere you can also keep an eye on traffic. Use “swarm mode” to see how other transport vehicles are moving and set the app to notify you of issues that might affect your journey.

Available from the iTunes Store.

Arrivo – $3.99
Arrivo automatically notifies you of upcoming departure times when you are near your favourite public transport stop. Using Google Talk it can announce stops as you pass them, so you always know when to get off. It also provides live information on lift and escalator outages and wheelchair accessibility so you are never caught off guard.

Available from Google Play.

Splice Trip – free
Splice Trip is a Facebook Messenger chat service that provides real-time arrival information and service alerts for train and light rail services. Just open a conversation with Splice Trip NSW and type in the station you want to start your journey at and where you want to go. Then it will provide all of the available options. Trip options can then be shared with your friends over Facebook or SMS. Splice Trip is still only in its beta phase. Given its recent move to expand into light rail, chances are it is going to expand even further.