From 12.01am on Monday, the 10-kilometre movement limit in Greater Sydney will be cut to five kilometres, as NSW recorded its highest-ever number of Covid-19 cases in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. The state recorded 466 cases and four deaths in that period. The new rules apply to exercise, shopping – unless goods and services aren't readily available in a five-kilometre radius.

NSW police commissioner Mick Fuller announced the new rule this morning, saying, "the movement, particularly in Greater Sydney, was way too high from our perspective, in terms of what we were trying to achieve, and our part in this is to get NSW Health ahead of the Delta variant.

"You may think that leaving your LGA to train is okay, but it’s not. You have a five-kilometre limit from your house in greater metropolitan Sydney. We will be enforcing that."

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Larger fines for breaking lockdown restrictions have also been introduced. The police will now be able to issue on-the-spot fines of $5000 to people lying to contact tracers and a $3000 fine to anyone not following the two-person exercise rules.

New limits on travel to regional NSW from Greater Sydney will also come into effect. You will now need to apply for a permit to leave Sydney, whether it's for authorised work, travelling to a second home or inspecting real estate. People found to be breaching those rules can be issued on-the-spot $3000 fines; road blocks and check points will be set up to ensure compliance.