The eastern beaches were beautiful yesterday – the sun was out, morning light glistened on the waters, and the waves were great for an early surf.

Bondi-based photographer Eugene Tan, who runs the blog Aquabumps, has been capturing photos of New South Wales’s natural beauty and surfer culture every day since 1999. Yesterday, he woke up early to visit the beach.

“I was shooting Bronte, the mood was OK, people are still going about their morning rituals with a sense of caution,” he wrote on the Aquabumps Instagram account. “Around 7.45am an enormous pod of dolphins darted around the point from Bondi – thrusting in the air, bombarding the line-up.”

In the photos he took that morning, you can see the marine mammals jump from the water like torpedoes near a handful of swimmers and surfers who were probably just out for a dip, but instead got front-row seats to an awe-inspiring show.

“[It] was kinda like dolphins saying, ‘Hey you land folk, tough times we know, but stay positive!’” Tan’s post continued. He called the experience spiritual, even biblical – and in these times of uncertainty and worry, it was just what Sydney needed.

“Buses stopped, cars pulled over and peopled lined the coast watching the show, smiling. I heard people cheering and clapping.”

More of Eugene Tan’s images from yesterday can be found in this gallery.