We’ve all felt it at some point during lockdown: the stillness of a place that used to be buzzing. Whether it’s your local high street, a shopping centre where every store but Woolies is dark or that one time you had to go into the office to grab something you forgot before lockdown hit, it’s always a bit of a shock to remember just how strange our reality is right now.

Now, as the city prepares to emerge from hibernation in a couple of days, Lendlease’s The Streets of Barangaroo has created a new video series conveying the silence and sadness of Sydney’s CBD in lockdown. It’s worked with Sydney-based dancer and choreographer Christopher Jhureea, whose movements evoke Sydney’s “beating heart” and the (extremely) strong emotions we’ve all felt at points over the past few months. The series is directed by Billy Zammit.

“The past 18 months have been crippling for our CBD, with businesses large and small impacted by forced closures across the city,” says Jacqui Stanton, The Streets of Barangaroo’s retail marketing manager. “Sydney isn’t Sydney without every worker, tourist and Sydneysider that brings this global city to life, and we can’t wait until we can all return home.”

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Further videos will be released in the coming months as Sydney regains its pizzazz. Other creatives involved in the production include musician Animal Feelings and production company Authority Creative.

The series also aligns with the reopening of hospitality venues in Barangaroo next week, and the impending launch of two new venues: taqueria Tequila Daisy and Japanese eatery Torotoro Ramen.

Watch the video here.