On Saturday afternoon, New South Wales hit its target of having 80 per cent of the eligible adult population vaccinated, triggering more eased restrictions from today. It comes just a week after Sydney’s 100-plus-day lockdown ended. Here’s what’s changed for those who have been fully vaccinated. People who are not double-vaxxed must still adhere to the same rules that were in place during lockdown (apart from a few exceptions below).

You can have a (small) house party
From today, NSW residents are allowed to have up to 20 visitors in their homes, up from 10 last week. These limits don’t apply for kids under 12.

And you can have a larger outdoor gathering
Up to 50 people can now gather outdoors – a massive jump from the five permitted just a couple of weeks ago, and far more than the 30 allowed last week.

You may dance
But not in nightclubs. Dancing is permitted inside and outside in hospitality venues such as pubs and bars. But although nightclubs and strip clubs are now allowed to reopen, patrons must remain seated. You can also stand up and enjoy a drink indoors or outdoors from today – last week you were only permitted “vertical drinking” outside.

It’s masks off in the office
If you’ve been gearing up to return to the office but aren’t too keen on wearing a mask all day, you’re in luck: masks are no longer mandatory in office buildings from today (unless you are unvaccinated). This is one big change new NSW premier Dominic Perrottet implemented when he took over the role earlier this month – under the original road map masks in offices were set to remain compulsory until December 1.

You do still need to wear masks in all public indoor spaces, as well as on public transport and in airports.

Community sports and lap swimming are back
Lifted gathering limits mean community sports can once again return for fully vaccinated staff, spectators and participants. And you can now also visit a pool for lap swimming.

More patrons are allowed in hairdressers and salons
Last week, hairdressers, spas, beauty and nail salons, and tattoo and massage parlours were only allowed five patrons. Now, there is no limit to how many people are allowed in at one time; density limits do still apply. Sex services can also now reopen.

Caps on weddings and funerals have lifted
Apart from density limits, there is now no cap on how many fully vaccinated people can attend a wedding or a funeral; last week both had a limit of 100 people. Guests can eat and drink while standing at both, and dancing is permitted at weddings. Places of worship have also reopened for people who aren’t fully vaccinated. And up to 10 fully vaccinated singers are allowed in places of worship and at religious services.

You still can’t leave Greater Sydney
While in the original road map residents of Greater Sydney (which includes the Central Coast, Shellharbour, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains) were permitted regional travel once we hit 80 per cent double vaccinated, that was postponed last week. Sydneysiders can travel regionally from November 1. Those in the regions, however, are allowed to travel freely, but they aren’t permitted to enter Greater Sydney until November 1.

See the full list of what you can and can’t do here.

New South Wales is reopening, but the pandemic isn’t over. We’re entering a new phase of living with Covid-19: some of us will be going out like crazy, while others might prefer to stay at home for now. If you want to support your favourite venues and businesses, ensure you're adhering to current health advice. The Covid-19 situation is evolving and public health requirements are still subject to change. If you have concerns about visiting businesses or public spaces, or questions about self-isolation or coronavirus testing, see the latest updates from the NSW Government.