City of Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore has proposed a section of Prince Alfred Park be named “Equality Green” to commemorate Australia’s recent marriage-equality campaign.

The south-western lawn of the Surry Hills park was a major hub of celebration when the results of the marriage-law postal survey were announced in November 2017.

More than 30,000 people congregated on the green to celebrate the majority “Yes” result, which set in motion federal parliament’s decision to legalise same-sex marriages in Australia.

Moore’s proposal will be submitted to the City of Sydney council at its meeting tonight.

In a statement, she said “Equality Green” would serve as a “permanent reminder of a significant event for many of our fellow Australians”.

“The postal survey was damaging and isolating for many LGBTI Australians and as we approach the first anniversary [November 15] of the survey result and long overdue legislation, the time is right to reflect on that historic day,” Moore said.

“I will never forget the moment we gathered as a city to hear the wonderful news, together, and I am proud to commemorate that moment in Prince Alfred Park.”

The proposal initially came from Sydney independent state MP Alex Greenwich – also co-chair of advocacy group Australian Marriage Equality who wrote to the lord mayor about commemorating the momentous event.

“[On] the morning of the November 15, LGBTI Sydneysiders entered Prince Alfred Park with a mix of intense emotions. They arrived knowing they had the City of Sydney’s support, and they left the park knowing they had Australia’s support,” he said in a statement.

The Sydney electorate recorded the highest “yes” vote of any electorate across the country, at nearly 84 per cent.

After tonight's meeting, the lord mayor's proposal will be opened up to public comment.