More people than ever before will able to conquer Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge climb, with new operators Hammons Holdings announcing climbers will soon be able to access the bridge from both ends.

The tour company will take over from BridgeClimb Sydney on October 1 this year, after the latter failed to secure a new contract to run the tourism attraction, despite having done so for 20 years.

In its bid for the new contract, Hammons Holdings outlined its vision for the climb, which includes new routes and improved accessibility – opening the bridge from both ends is step one.

Previously, climbers were only able to access its southern end.

"Consistent with our vision to expand access to more parts of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we will be providing people with the opportunity to climb on the northern arches of the bridge for the first time ever,” Hammons Holdings CEO David Hammon said in an official statement.

“We are commencing construction on the new climb as planned, with the first climbers to be on the northern arches by early October. It is an exciting time for the bridge and the wider tourism market in Sydney.”

Construction on the new northern climb will begin on June 28 – and it’s slated for completion by October 1.

The increased access will allow more climbers through each year.

Earlier this month, Hammon told 7 News Sydney he also plans to introduce augmented-reality technology to teach climbers about the landmark’s history.

"We really want to open up new routes, and new ways of experiencing the bridge ... we're going to working with the Roads and Maritime Services over the next period to bring more of those accessible routes to the public," he said.

Customers with bookings on or before September 30 will be able to complete their climbs with BridgeClimb Sydney, while any bookings beyond September 30 will be guided by Hammons Holdings.

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