Updated on October 7 to reflect the new changes made by the NSW government to the roadmap. Read more here.

Last week the NSW Government released its roadmap out of lockdown – its plan to roll back the stay-at-home orders when the state reaches its double vaccination milestones. It was an exciting announcement, but also left many people confused because it contradicted previous vaccination benchmark announcements.

Either way, here we are, and these are the current rules for when 70 per cent of the NSW population over the age of 16 are double vaxxed and restrictions are rolled back.

The state has now hit that mark, which means from Monday October 11, these are the rules.

(The government does add a caveat – that the road map could be fine-tuned based on health advice and if circumstances change – but fingers crossed the projections are correct.)

Gatherings in the home and in outdoor public spaces
• Instead of five visitors to a home, now up to 10 visitors are allowed, where all adults are vaccinated. This total number doesn’t include children 12 and under.
• Up to 30 people can gather in outdoor settings (it was previously announced at 20).

Hospitality venues, retail stores and gyms
• Bars, cafes and restaurants can operate under the one person per four-square-metre rule for indoor spaces and the one person per two-square-metre rule for outdoor spaces. People can stand to drink outside.
• Retail stores can accommodate one person per every four square metres. Those who are not fully vaccinated will still only have access to non-critical retail via click-and-collect.
• Hairdressers, spa, nail, beauty, waxing, tattoo and massage businesses can operate according to the one-square-metre rule, capped at five clients per premise.
• Gyms and indoor recreation facilities can operate with one person per every four square metres, with a cap of 20 people per class.
• Sporting facilities, including indoor pools, can reopen.

Cinemas, galleries, libraries and nightclubs
• Theatres, cinemas, music halls, museums and galleries can reopen with one person per every four square metres or with 75 per cent seated capacity.
• Up to 500 people can attend ticketed and seated outdoor events.
• Stadiums, racecourses, theme parks and zoos can reopen with the one-square-metre rule, with numbers capped at 5000.

Masks and working from home
• Employers must continue to allow employees to work from home if they’re able to do so.
• Masks will remain mandatory for all indoor premises and settings (apart from the home), except for children under 12. Only hospitality staff will be required to wear a mask while outdoors.

• You are able to travel further than five kilometres and take holidays within Greater Sydney (people in Greater Sydney can only holiday in the Greater Sydney region including Central Coast, Wollongong, Shellharbour and Blue Mountains.) You cannot holiday in regional LGAs.
• Carpooling is permitted.
• Caravan parks and camping grounds can open.

Weddings, funerals and places of worship
• Up to 100 guests can attend weddings, with dancing permitted. You have to be seated to eat and drink. (This was previously 50 people)
• Up to 100 guests can attend funerals, with eating and drinking to be done while seated.
• Churches and places of worship can open and are subject to the one-square-metre rule. • Performers at these events are now allowed, and choirs in religious services or at places of worship are capped at 10 people. All performers need to be fully vaccinated.

Here are the rules for when NSW reaches 80 per cent double vaccination, as well as what happens from December 1.