US comedian Conan O’Brien has been having a jolly old time on his trip to Sydney. He trained with lifeguards in Bondi, he met koalas and wombats, and he donned a red-and-white Sydney Swans jersey and played some AFL.

The late-night TV host and former Simpsons writer joined the Swans for a training session on Monday. He shoved his extremely long legs (“the longest, whitest legs you’ll ever see” according to the comedian) into a pair of shorts and leapt, kicked and bounced his way through the training at Marrickville’s Henson Park.

Afterwards, he posed for photos, which made his height even more apparent, and was interviewed by former Swans forward Nick Davis. “The minute I saw the short shorts I knew that this was the sport for me,” Conan told Davis. “I have very long, attractive legs and I felt that this would show me at my best. So I suited up and I think – as you saw – I took to the game like a swan to water.”

O’Brien is in town for tonight’s sold-out show at the State Theatre. He’s also filming an episode of his show Conan Without Borders, which explores other cultures. His visit came about after Australian actor Hugh Jackman sent him a video shaming him for not including Australia in his show.

We presume it’s because of the show he’s dressed up in Crocodile Dundee garb, slip-slop-slap-wrapped to protect him from the Australian sun. And why he ran along the sand of Bondi beach with lifeguards (“Doctors say I can leave the hospital in April,” he said on Instagram).

“I love Sydney,” he said in the Swans interview. “The people are fantastic; just beautiful. We’ve been hanging out by the harbour. Or, as you call it, ‘harba’. Forget the last ‘r’, that’s what you do here, right?

“I love it; I love this town.”