Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins has responded to complaints by frustrated commuters following the planned upgrades to a signalling box at Redfern over the weekend.

He says he will consider reimbursing people most affected by the delays, although the details of the reimbursements are still not clear. “Apologies for anybody who got caught up in those early delays,” he said to 7 News yesterday. “I know people got caught up with missing their flights. The message is get in contact with us,” he said. He also told 7 News that people who were “significantly impacted financially” might be eligible for compensation.

The shutdown of the City Circle line – which was scheduled so a 1970s signal box at Redfern Station could be upgraded from a manual to a digital system – was supposed to be completed by 6am Sunday morning. Software issues meant it was not completed until 9.30pm on Sunday evening. Delays of up to three hours continued into the night.

Commuters vented their frustrations about the delays on social media, some complaining about the lack of information and staff.

Some said the delays made them late for work, others that they had to pay for a taxi.

Collins defended the delays saying the operation of moving the 39-year-old signalling box from Redfern to Homebush took hundreds of engineers and was a complicated project.

At this stage, despite some morning cancellations and delays, the train network seems to be back to normal.

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