Hundreds of bus drivers in western Sydney plan to abandon their services this afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.

If your ride home is via Parramatta, Merrylands, Liverpool, Blacktown, Cabramatta or Fairfield, you’ll need to find an alternative route.

For a week, starting today, drivers will also turn off ticket machines and refuse to wear their Transit System uniforms.

“There will be the odd bus that doesn’t have a union member [driving] it, and that ticket machine may be turned on,” spokesperson for the Transport Workers’ Union of NSW, Colin Henderson told Broadsheet today. “But for the most part, commuters should be happy to leave their Opal cards in their handbags."

The strike is a protest against the state government and Transit Systems Sydney’s refusal to increase wages.

“Transit Systems need to start hearing driver concerns. For over two years, the company has been holding back money from drivers’ pay packets that has been provided by NSW taxpayers for wage increases,” the secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union of NSW, Richard Olsen, said in a statement today.

The drivers were also on strike this morning between 7am and 9am, which affected many commuters, particularly children on their way to school.

Passengers can call 131 500 for more details.

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Routes affected by the strike:
800 Blacktown to Fairfield via Wetherill Park
800 Fairfield to Blacktown via Wetherill Park
801 Badgerys Creek to Liverpool
801 Liverpool to Badgerys Creek
802 Liverpool to Parramatta via Green Valley
802 Parramatta to Liverpool via Green Valley
803 Liverpool to Miller (loop service)
804 Liverpool to Parramatta via Hinchinbrook
804 Parramatta to Liverpool via Hinchinbrook
805 Cabramatta to Liverpool via Bonnyrigg Heights
805 Liverpool to Cabramatta via Bonnyrigg Heights
806 Liverpool to Parramatta via Abbotsbury
806 Parramatta to Liverpool via Abbotsbury
807 Cabramatta to Cecil Hills via Bonnyrigg
807 Cecil Hills to Cabramatta via Bonnyrigg
808 Fairfield to Liverpool via Abbotsbury
808 Liverpool to Fairfield via Abbotsbury
809 Merrylands to Pemulwuy via South Wentworthville
809 Pemulwuy to Merrylands via South Wentworthville
810 Merrylands to Parramatta via Pemulwuy
810 Parramatta to Merrylands via Pemulwuy
810X Merrylands to Parramatta via Great Western Hwy
810X Parramatta to Merrylands via Great Western Hwy
811 Parramatta to Pemulwuy via Hilltop Rd
811 Pemulwuy to Parramatta via Hilltop Rd
811X Parramatta to Pemulwuy
811X Pemulwuy to Parramatta
812 Blacktown to Fairfield
812 Fairfield to Blacktown
813 Bonnyrigg to Fairfield
813 Fairfield to Bonnyrigg
814 Fairfield to Smithfield (loop service)
815 Cabramatta to Mt Prichard (loop service)
816 Cabramatta to Greenfield Park (loop service)
817 Cabramatta to Fairfield
817 Fairfield to Cabramatta
818 Merrylands to Westmead
818 Westmead to Merrylands
819 Liverpool to Prariewood (loop service)
820 Guildford to Merrylands
820 Merrylands to Guildford
821 Guildford to Smithfield Industrial Area
821 Smithfield Industrial Area to Guildford
822 Merrylands to Guildford (loop serivce)
823 Liverpool to Warwick Farm (loop service)
827 Elizabeth Hills to Liverpool via Bonnyrigg Heights
827 Liverpool to Elizabeth Hills via Bonnyrigg Heights
829 Parramatta to North Parramatta (loop service)
835 Prairiewood to UWS
835 UWS to Prairiewood
S10 Heckenberg to Miller Shopping Centre
S10 Miller Shopping Centre to Heckenberg
T80 Liverpool to Parramatta via T-way
T80 Parramatta to Liverpool via T-way