Fiat Malaniyom’s innovative restaurant and grocer, Sunrise Asian is hosting their last dinner service tonight, with the business closing on Sunday. The restaurant, which served a blend of rare South-East-Asian ingredients and Australian natives, was told two days ago that the building was going to be sold and they needed to clear out immediately.

“We knew that it was on the cards but we were assured that we were going to be fine ‘til Christmas,” says Malaniyom. “It's come as a shock. When I came into the restaurant yesterday there was already an auction sign up.”

Before they clear out Malaniyom and his team will be hosting a final dinner service tonight. It will be the last chance, at least for some time, to try one of the most distinct dining experiences in Sydney. For those hoping to pick up some Australian-grown torch ginger, hummingbird flowers, another of Malaniyom’s rare ingredients, or some Australian natives the grocer will be open tomorrow for a clear-out sale.

As for the future, Malaniyom says they had been planning to relocate anyway. The restaurant, which sits in a mostly suburban street in Elizabeth Bay, was never particularly busy. “The thing is, we were never fully booked here. It’s a shame, despite the great feedback from our generous customers we just didn't have the passing trade there,” he says.

Malaniyom is not yet sure whether he will be opening another Sunrise Asian or something a little bit different. “We'll be continuing to focus on Australian, produce-drive cuisine.” Malaniyom hints that there may be a pop-up in the new year. “We've developed a few little side projects as well,” he says.

Sunrise Asian will close after service on Sunday October 16.

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