NSW Premier Mike Baird will be leaving office next week.

"I have made it clear from the beginning that I was in politics to make a difference, and then move on. After 10 years in public life, this moment for me has arrived," he says. Baird's statement, released an hour ago, goes on to list his achievements in office, including "[repairing] the State budget" and "[unleashing] an infrastructure boom in Sydney and the regions."

The statement does not mention the decision that is likely to be his legacy: the introduction of the lockout laws. In December last year, Baird's office announced the laws will be eased in 2017; a response to recommendations by a statutory review and mounting pressure on the government to ease the restrictions on live-music and entertainment venues.

In a two-year trial, the lockout across the CBD and Kings Cross will be pushed from 1.30am to 2am. Last drinks will be served at 3.30am rather than 3am.

While our new premier is yet to be named, hopefully a change in leadership will see the laws, and their impact on the city's nightlife and culture, looked at again.