The Reserve Bank of Australia has just released images of the redesigned $10 note.

In a move to improve security the new note will have a clear window strip, similar to the one seen on the new $5 note, as well as tactile details to assist the vision-impaired community with distinguishing between denominations.

Poets AB “Banjo” Paterson and Dame Mary Gilmore will remain the note’s key icons: Paterson’s side will include a cockatoo and a wattle branch that glow under UV light. It’ll also include a flying cocktatoo hologram and microprint text from The Man From Snowy River.

Dame Gilmore’s portrait will be on the other side with a fluorescent serial number and microprint of her poem, No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest. A colour-changing cockatoo and a pen nib appear in a transparent window.

In 2015/2016 the RBA detected 51 counterfeit $10 notes, which amounts to 0.4 notes in every one million in circulation.

The new notes will be used from September this year.