This year festive decorations in The Rocks were devoid of what many believe to be a significant word: “Christmas”. To be inclusive of those who don’t celebrate the holiday, a flag put up in The Rocks on November 12 read “Very Merry”.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Finance Minister Dominic Perrottet was unimpressed. “When you leave out the one word that matters, all you’re left with is a vacuous, bland platitude,” he told the Telegraph.

Some Sydney residents agree with him and took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

— LA-LA (@donnae324) December 14, 2016

As a result the banners were taken down yesterday due to the perceived lack of meaning. “I know it’s a bit out there, but we’re going with ‘Merry Christmas’ this year,” Perrottet said.

An agency in the finance department is responsible for the flag. Mr Perrottet gave the order to take it down.

The flags will be replaced tomorrow with the new signs. And all will be right with the world again.