In consultation with the state government, RSL NSW has decided to cancel all public Anzac Day services across NSW. “The risk to vulnerable people during the current health situation is simply too high for these events to continue in their traditional format,” RSL NSW said in a statement.

“Given the significant concerns around the spread of Covid-19, it would be irresponsible to allow such large gatherings as we see each year on Anzac Day to go ahead. This is not a decision we have taken lightly. The RSL has a responsibility to act in the best interests of veterans and the general public. In these uncertain times we must follow the advice of medical experts and do everything we can to protect the community.”

The news comes after the federal government announced on Friday that all gatherings of more than 500 people would be banned starting on March 16. RSL NSW says that Anzac Day will still be observed, but the form this observation will take is not yet known.

In light of Covid-19, mass public gatherings are banned and minimal social contact is recommended. For the most up-to-date health information, visit Health NSW.