Anyone with even a passing interest in graffiti or its more sanitised cousin, “street art”, understands there are unwritten, complex and constantly shifting laws about who can and can’t paint where. In the kind-of words of Sean Bean, one does not simply paint a wall blindly.

Apparition Media – an ad agency based in Fitzroy, Melbourne’s own grungy version of Newtown – should probably know this. It makes a living painting movie and TV promos on public walls in Melbourne and Sydney.

Last week, it unwittingly painted over Colin Bebe’s iconic It’s Like a Jungle Sometimes mural on the corner of Enmore Road and Bailey Street, near Newtown Station – with a promo for Darren Aranovsky’s new thriller, Mother!, starring Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence (that’s her below, apparently).

Check out this big beauty🕺🏿

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Locals took to Facebook to vent their anger, resulting in an apology from Apparition today. The agency is working with the artist to produce a new mural.

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After a similar Instagram post relating to St Kilda in Melbourne, it received this response from Inner West council, which encompasses Newtown, “Unfortunately Apparition Media also painted this mural over a much-loved, iconic public artwork in Newtown on the weekend: "it's like a jungle sometimes". Council did not approve the advertisement, and the display of advertisements is prohibited in heritage areas. The matter is now being investigated by Council’s Compliance Section.”

Back to JLaw after a successfully gay and colourful weekend 🌈🌈🌈 #voteyes

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