Grandma’s Bar

3:00pm - 12:00am
275 Clarence Street Sydney

Cropping up in a raw brick basement at an end of town that, until about a year ago, you wouldn’t have wondered into unless you were lost or looking for trouble, Grandma’s is delightful little den lit up by candlelight and humming with the buzz of small groups enjoying drinks. Its kitsch theme is subtle and simple, giving you a sense if being in your grandma’s house without fully immersing you in the sensation.

The majority of the trade here is cocktails, meaning that there isn’t an outstanding or large selection of booze to choose from on the back bar. For what there is, it’s mostly rum. In the end, it mainly just makes the decision clearer; you’re here for a cocktail so don’t deviate from your course. Rum and, in particular, tiki drinks seem to take a strong focus and if you order right, you’ll get a side of fanfare and fire. A succinct beer and wine list are on hand with some good niche labels to help explore something new.

In the typical style of a venue run by bartenders, the front page of the menu is dedicated to ‘bartender’s favourites’. Thankfully, these guys have good taste and aren’t interested in pushing you into consuming drinks that time forgot for good reason. Good homemade ingredients take the offering to the next level, like a Paloma with fresh-made grapefruit soda, tequila and lime. A simple drink made incredible with a homely touch.

The toasties may seem like a token food offering, but these guys are masters of jaffle maker and you’ll be surprised how often they’re making just what you were craving.

Eternally busy and commonly frequented by suits during the week, it’s always tough to get a good seat. But if you’re chained to a desk from nine to five, chances are you won’t mind standing when you get there.

Updated: February 8th, 2018

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