Scott Clark and Elise Honeybrook fell for doughnuts after eating their way across Canada and America (where else?). When they returned home, there was only one way to quell their cravings: start making their own doughnuts.

Grumpy Donuts started in mid-2015, as an online delivery service. They opened this tiny nine-seat shop 18 months later. It’s best located by the neon-lit cartoon sign out front. Like all of Grumpy Donuts’ branding, it was designed by Portland artist Joey Souza; known for his slightly grotesque illustrations.

The doughnuts are US-style with fluffy, light dough and sweet glazes. M&Ms and other readymade toppings have no place here. The Honeybrooks believe a good doughnut should be more unique and involve some real effort.

Considering creations such as Gin & Juice, with its gin-and-orange-juice glaze, it’s clear they practice what they preach. The Buttered Toast is another favourite, topped with brown-butter frosting and brioche crumb. The Apple Fritter layers chunks of Granny Smith and crunchy caramel on a bed of crisp dough.

The day’s doughnut offering is displayed on the front counter and on a mobile steel rack. Single O coffee is served all the usual ways, but for our money, opt for filter if you want to bring out the best in your cup and on your plate.

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Updated: August 3rd, 2017

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