Reuben Hills

Tuesday 7am - 4pm
61 Albion Street Surry Hills
(02) 9211 5556

Reuben Hills' owner Russell Beard has spent years rising through the ranks of Sydney’s specialty coffee scene, most notably with his previous cafe The Source.

Now he's moving to evolve the concepts established at The Source and tap into a more refined market.

Reuben Hills feels like the coffee equivalent of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Spanning the length between two parallel streets and occupying two floors filled with mystifying smells and extraordinary apparatuses. The scale and exuberance of the space provokes a level of fascination normally reserved for theme parks and nightclubs. Every inch of its interior seems to reveal some priceless piece of complex equipment (including a customised three group mistral), completely enveloping you in a world of brew ratios and appellation by creating a space that allows customers to see the orasting and grading process easily.

Beard and his former business partner Nathan Borg travelled to over 15 countries in Central and South America to source their distinctive coffees, often beans that are hard to find elsewhere, particularly in Australia. At the end of the day, however, all he wants to do is make "specialty coffee as appealing and accessible as possible" and provide their customers with a cup of perfectly sweet and balanced coffee.

Central American coffee regions have influenced more than just coffee at Reuben Hills. The same philosophy of accessibility the owners apply to their coffee is also applied to their approach to food. The menu also draws inspiration from the boys’ culinary exploits throughout Honduras and El Salvador. Included in the menu are a variety of baleadas, a tortilla filled with an array of fillings.


  • coffee roasting on site
  • notable coffee