The Rag Land


cash only

Set on a stretch of road bordering Waterloo which could have benefitted from any cafe – but somehow managed to score an excellent one – The Rag Land doesn’t skimp on delightfulness. For one, it’s the kind of place that dabbles in homemade lemonade. Yep, it’s that kind of delightful.

The bleached-out space houses a huge jumble of furniture, most of which is for sale. So if you’re particularly fond of the chair you’re sitting in while you sip your coffee, you can purchase it to sit on at home.

The dishes have more of a kick to them. The combinations are inventive, but humble. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them first. The pork belly and egg rolls, spicy smashed eggs and avocado or pea fritters topped with a poached egg make for generous and flavour-packed starts to the day. Don’t neglect that glass cabinet before you leave – the slices, muffins and cakes change constantly but are dependably interesting for the sweet-toothed among us.

Serving up coffee from the unerringly excellent Golden Cobra, you can choose between the house blend or an ever-changing single origin. Filter coffees are on standby too, while takeaway options are always accompanied by a bite-sized treat – something just to win you over a little more. Not that the persuasion is necessary.