Penny Fours

Penny Fours

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141 Norton Street Leichhardt
(02) 9572 8550

With a pig’s head fitted to the door handle, sunny yellow tiles and sparse furniture, Penny Fours is a bakery that’s slightly eccentric, a little traditional and very charming. Owned by Penelope Ransley – a former pastry chef at Tetsuya’s and Sepia, who more recently baked at Iggy’s – you'd be right to have high expectations.

The miniature pastries and sweets are made for eating in twos and threes. These are renditions that concentrate on obtaining just the right textures and flavours in petite portions. Even better, the prices are set to match, which makes it a little too easy to walk out with an armful of fine-crumbed frangipanes, spiky lemons meringues, little snail’s swirls or an airy brioche bun with a thick dollop of custard at the centre. The quiche is a dark horse – don’t let it throw you for being the only savoury option. Its delicate consistency and buttery pastry shell make up for the lack of viable lunch options.

Coffee is roasted in-house and under the name Lore. Its slight nuttiness makes it the perfect accompaniment for a sweet something.



  • coffee roasting on site
  • bakery