Copper Mill


The founder and previous managers of The Shortlist have worked their magic again with Copper Mill cafe. A simple, stylish fit-out featuring concrete floors paired with wooden bench-tops and tables and a fresh coat of slate paint have successfully tapped into Alexandria’s business clientele.

Coffees are whipped out using Golden Cobra’s Human Cannonball roast, or there’s a rotating single origin filter option from Moccamaster, all served on powder blue and terracotta cups and saucers. The menu is a rustic, comforting affair with chef Piper’s Peruvian background infusing each dish. The beet-cured salmon salad with quinoa, garden peas, cherry tomatoes, chilli and yoghurt is hard to go past. There’s also a healthy array of sandwiches assembled daily all served on simple, round plates, leaving aside the bells and whistles.

Cheeky details like Young Henry’s flagons used as flower vases, brown paper takeaway bags with Kanye West’s epitaph to ‘hurry up with my damn croissants’ and an encyclopaedia of horror characters used as wallpaper in the bathroom, allude to the owners’ youthful spirit.