Coffee Tea & Me

6:00am - 6:00pm
93b Redfern Street Redfern


outdoor area

Coffee Tea & Me is not so much a cafe as it is a closet, which happens to serve coffee and food. A former barbershop with floor space that would struggle to fit a Mini Cooper, the spread of furniture outside is very much a necessity for anyone hoping to linger for a while. An ironing board table and bicycle seats (refashioned into stools) might draw some trepidation, but milk crates and retro school chairs are available for those less co-ordinated or willing. Even the bus stop bench directly outside seems to have been co-opted for people waiting on takeaway coffees, but the sprawl of people waiting on the footpath lends some liveliness without being overbearing.

Fittingly, the menu is pretty limited, consisting of about half a dozen bagels with savoury fillings and a selection of sweets. The coffee comes courtesy of Campos while T2 takes care of the teas. Places like this, which are small and niche, are almost necessary to diversify the café aesthetic in a particular area and Coffee Tea & Me seems to compliment rather than compete with what’s already here. It’s not the kind of place you’d go for a full ‘café experience’ and nor does it intend to fill such a role. But for a simple lunch, a hot drink and a chance to people-watch in the sun, it’s a very sweet spot.