Belaroma Coffee Centre

6:30am - 3:30pm
75 Kenneth Road Manly Vale


coffee roasting on site
outdoor area
outdoor area
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When you find good coffee in an unexpected and somewhat hidden place, it’s a welcome surprise. The Belaroma Coffee Centre is in the semi-industrial (and cafe-barren) area of Manly Vale/Balgowlah. It’s the centre of operations for coffee roaster Belaroma, and its corner cafe has all the trimmings. It can be hard to find good coffee advice outside of the city and its inner suburbs, but you can get everything you need for home brewing here, including the full range of Belaroma’s beans, and learn the ins-and-outs of different brewing styles. Chalkboard signs behind the counter explain the coffee process from cherry pulping to roasting and packing, as well as what’s pouring today and the different brew methods from v60 filter to cold drip.

The menu covers all-day breakfast and lunch options, including scrambled egg and chorizo burritos; coconut-water bircher with seasonal fruits; bacon and egg rolls (pick a brioche bun or double filling). Lunch is Cubano pulled pork sourdough; smoky slow-cooked shortribs, or double-fried chicken with rainbow slaw, grilled corn and hot sauce. The cafe is licensed, with a neat little list of beer, wine and sangria, but really, it’s about the coffee.