Azoto & Arisun Express

11:00am - 3:00am
680 George Street Sydney 2000


late night dining

Azoto by James Sun (owner of Korean-dining favourite Arisun Beer House & Restaurant) is next door to Arisun Express outpost. The abbreviated Arisun menu boasts traditional flavour combinations with a twist.

The constantly rotating roster of new ice-cream flavours might include Caramel Duet, a caramel-ice-cream base with salted-caramel popcorn; or Bounty & Co, a fresh coconut base spiked with a melted Callebaut chocolate syringe.

Next door at Arisun Express – a toned down version of its namesake – you’ll find a focus on Seoul street food. Try the boneless Korean fried chicken, double fried and served with wasabi mayo or doused in a sweet and spicy sauce. Eat among shoppers at one of the outdoor tables in Liverpool lane, washed down with a frozen beer (a chilled glass of Hite topped with a slushie “foam”), or grab a takeaway cup, for Arisun fans on the move.