The Stuffed Beaver

12:00pm - 12:00am
271 Bondi Road Bondi 2026
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dine at the bar
cash only
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no reservations

As its name might suggest, tongue in cheek is what The Stuffed Beaver is about. Running a fine line between crude and lurid, this casual, diner-style eatery doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Masked as a bar, The Stuffed Beaver appears to house a wide selection of your run-of-the-mill favourites at a glance. But while beer, cider and wine are an easy coax, it is the North American-inspired parlour menu that makes this local the knock-off spot of choice. You can sit up at the bar or get comfy in a booth up the back.

Much like its older sibling, The Flying Squirrel, an eclectic combination of small dishes and predominantly North American influences rule here.

The ever popular ‘Poutine’ is a generous serving of French fries lathered in gravy and dressed with cheese. A ‘Sup Dog’ sees a pork Vienna sausage nestled in a wholemeal bun and tucked in by a blanket of sauerkraut, tomato ketchup and American mustard. And, don’t forget a pillow of beer battered fries.

The Stuffed Beaver certainly lives up to its name.