Mr Falcon’s

3:00pm - 12:00am
92 Glebe Point Road Glebe


bar food
live music

If you’re to saunter up Glebe Point Road and stare into the window of Mr. Falcon’s bar, you will see plush lounges, a bicycle suspended artfully from the ceiling, a cosy fireplace and lavish couches. Enter the dimly-lit space and the early 20th century atmosphere will envelop you.

Bar staff are knowledgeable and quick to make suggestions to fit the weather, like a delicious warm cider with a shot of rum for a cold and raining winter’s night. Their enthusiasm and easygoing rapport with customers is effortless. The straightforward list of classic cocktails hangs from the wall and there is a range of hors d'oeuvres on offer, including a sumptuous cheese platter and toasted sandwiches to eat outside in the courtyard.

There is an abundance of space for a larger function here, but plenty of people prefer it as a venue for relaxed drinks with a smaller group of friends in the early evening. This is one bar that thankfully isn’t going anywhere: a relaxed and homely place to wile the night away.