The Cross has its ups and downs. As part of the cycle, it was once the only place to go if you wanted to keep drinking after midnight. Once upon a time, Mansions was an acceptable place to get your boogie on, The Bayswater Brasserie was the pinnacle of the Sydney bar scene and Hugo’s was the perfect place to snare yourself a model or an NRL player.

That heyday is gone and now we’re looking to new venue, 21, to bring back those hard drinking, hard dancing good times. And it’s undoubtedly going to be ushering in a host of nights to remember (if you can). Frontman Andy Penney has a global reputation for partying harder than any other human on both sides of the bar and his presence at 21 will maintain this status.

The first floor offers a little smokers’ courtyard and a small bar for those looking for some one-on-one time. Head upstairs for the heart of the action and the true purpose of this venue. Stroll past the leather booths with their low glass tables and on through to the dance floor which houses possibly the worlds biggest mirror ball. Those booths you strolled past feel a little disconnected from the whole space, but if you manage to snag one, grab some bottle service and use them as a retreat to allow you to dance until you can’t feel your legs, refuel, then keep dancing until the moment before the sun rises.

Penney’s stint at The Flinders and The Duke conjured an ironic drinks list into existence. He’s bought that same mentality to 21, laying down future classics such and the Raspberry Fanta-groni.

Club Sandwiches served til all hours go a long way to filling the void that was left by our dearly departed Baron’s. It’s makes a nice change to day-old kebabs and reheated pizza on offer in the streets below for a quick drunken snack.

It’s a hard-partying venue with a luxurious spin that’s open until 5am. You’re going to have a good time and find some wholesome trouble, and Penney wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Phone: 0468 428 800


Updated: April 15th, 2024

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