While we know there is a time and place for a certain brand of flat-packed, build-it-yourself furniture, it is often quite difficult to achieve that homely charm via sterile, mass-produced interior pieces.

This is where roving homeware peddlers The SuperCool come in. With a name that sounds like a furniture superhero, couple Kate Vandermeer and David Nunez will soon be taking their mobile emporium to Sydney for the upcoming Finders Keepers Market this weekend (June 1 & 2). So far, they’ve set up shop in various markets and venues around Melbourne; their most recent temporary shopfront was an old loading dock adjoining Scandinavian furniture showroom Great Dane in Fitzroy.

TheSuperCool are dedicated to bringing home owners cheery, decorative objects that will transform your humdrum home into a super cool one. Think up-cycled cushions, old bowling pins or handmade ceramic vases.

Kate Vandermeer describes TheSuperCool’s products as “a bit raw, a bit undone and unexpected”, which is telling of the mixed origins of her new, handmade and vintage bits and bobs. Vandermeer and husband Nunez personally handpick and import vintage and crafty goodies from all around the world. Although TheSuperCool have made their name as a mobile emporium, they also sell a limited range of their decorative wares online. We’re positive none of them will be delivered to you in a flat pack.

The SuperCool will be at The Finders Keepers Market this Friday June 1 (6pm–10pm) and Saturday June 2 (10am–5pm) at Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh.


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