A delivery of flowers is a classic gift option but we all know they don’t last forever. Succulents, on the other hand, stand the test of time.

Laura Coggles of Sydney creative agency Dream & Do had this in mind when decorating her new Chippendale office – and her fruitless online search for plant delivery exposed a gap in the market. “I was looking at my desk, it was so bare; I decided I wanted a little plant, a little succulent. I did loads of research and realised I couldn’t buy any online,” says Coggles. A few days later, the agency decided to give it a go.

Little Succers was first posted on Instagram in May last year and clocked up 1000 followers by the end of its first week. Now, nine months later, the service is up and running – the first succulent-only delivery in Sydney. Customers can order a succulent online before 11am, Monday to Friday, and have it delivered by 6pm that day.

The succulents are $35 each and subject to whatever is best that day. Soon, the service hopes to also offer cacti.

The delivery will arrive ready to go in special succulent soil, packaged with a handwritten personal message of the customer’s choosing.

Coggles says reading the personalised messages is one of her favorite parts of running the business. “We have had some really interesting cards. About a third [of yesterday’s orders] were people sending them to themselves with notes like, ‘treat yourself’ and ‘stop giving yourself a hard time about your spending.’ Because the brand is brash and fun, it lets people send them for the sake of it.”

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Little Succers will deliver to the Sydney CBD and selected suburbs.