What happens when you combine alcohol and reckless dancing with Australia’s largest collection of priceless fossils? The obvious answer is a massive cultural catastrophe, though the reality is much less horrific and significantly more awesome than any event we could possibly fathom.

Set amidst the sea of taxidermy, scientific specimens and cultural relics occupying the Australian Museum, Jurassic Lounge is a recurring event featuring an ever-changing line-up of bars, food, live music, performances, interactive games, comedians, workshops, film screenings and live art.

The cultural contrasts at play here are exquisite. You can watch a Burlesque show (complete with boobie tassels) unfold beneath a life-sized whale, participate in a fierce dance off for ‘dino-dollars’ whilst a Tyrannosaurus-Rex skeleton looms overhead, have a fluorescent moustache painted on your face before taking in Australia’s largest butterfly collection, or have a few beers and listen to some risqué comedy in the children’s education wing.

It’s only a matter of time before a drunken break-dance move collapses the brontosaurus bones and this awesome event disappears forever, so check it out next Tuesday. It's well worth a Try…ceratops.

Jurassic Lounge is happening every Tuesday night from 5.30pm to 9.30pm at the Australian Museum until October 30. $14 on the door or book online. Over 18 event.

We have a double pass to one of the last 3 weeks of Jurassic Lounge to give away. To win email us at sydney@broadsheet.com.au with the subject 'Jurassic Lounge'.

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