Kelvin Ho is behind the new-wave of what retail looks like in Australia today. He’s designed shops for Incu, The Corner Shop, Sass & Bide, ksubi, bassike and restaurants such as Ms G’s. Ho’s skill lies in the way he interprets the brand he’s working with, always creating something forward thinking. He also has two kids: two-and-a-half-year-old Harriette and six-week-old Henri.

Tell us about Harriette and Henri, what are they both like?
Harriette is the most spirited and thoughtful child. She has a lot of her mother’s personality. Harriette's Cantonese name translates into "forever happy", and she is constantly laughing and singing.

Henri is only six weeks old, but he seems to be more of a chiller. His Cantonese name is "forever wise". I am looking forward to seeing how Henri takes on that name.

How has your work life changed since having children?
I used to work super-long hours, but now I try to have a better balance between my work and home life. My children help me decompress when I get home from work. As soon as I walk in the door, all of my work concerns fall away.

How has your personal life changed since having children?
Time has become more precious since having children. Most of my personal time is spent with the family and close friends.

Do you hope to introduce Harriette and Henri to design and architecture?
I hope to raise Harriette and Henri in a way that they will recognise and appreciate their environment – be it man made or natural. Harriette is naturally curious and loves to understand they way things come together. She has a very analytical personality and likes things to be very ordered. I hope it’s not my OCD rubbing off on her.

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Has anything surprised you about becoming a dad?
The inherent wisdom that the child brings into your life. From the day they are born they are constantly teaching me new things and helping me become a better dad.

How are you spending Father's Day this year?
I’ll be spending Father’s Day with my children and my dad.