It seems more than obvious that the best interviews are those in which the interviewer is well versed in the subject and space that the interviewee works. There is natural insight and knowledge and an understanding of concepts that couldn’t simply be inhaled in some light reading.

Questions tend to delve a little deeper than the surface and stir up probing and inquisitive ideas on the subject.

This is true of World’s Only, a music zine created by classical musician and Broadsheet contributor Megan Clune. An inspiring looking at some rather obscure musicians and composers from around the world, World’s Only investigates how these contemporaries have created their own unique styles of music.

Clune is obviously a fan of her subjects, but the style here is low-fi and comfortable and the result is an inspiring look at some very unique people. Issue one features hearing-impaired multi-disciplinary artist Christine Sun Kim, American-born, Berlin-based post-classical composer Dustin O’Halloran, London electronic sound artist Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud) and cult post-punk guitarist, composer and mentor to many, Glenn Branca.

Designed by emerging Sydney-based photographer and designer Benjamin Chadbond, World’s Only has a DYI feel and is printed in a limited edition of 80 copies, each hand-numbered and signed.

World’s Only launches tonight 6pm–8pm at Alaska Projects, with performances by electronic artists and composers Benedict and Benjamin Carey. Copies will also be available on the website.