Currently exhibiting at the State Library of NSW is the annual World Press Photo exhibition, a most eye-opening, informative and poignant exhibition of world events and atrocities from the previous year. Following The World Press Photo photojournalism awards, the exhibition showcases some of the finest work by photojournalists from around the world.

The exhibition, which tours the world, is the result of over 100,000 photo submissions from over 5000 photographers representing 124 nationalities. World Press, a Dutch organisation based in Amsterdam, selects the best photographs in categories such as news, nature, sports, arts and entertainment – so there is some respite from the confronting photos of war, natural disasters and human and environmental grief.

Now in its 55th year, World Press Photo might be seen as a reminder of the major global issues that we often flick past or skip over in the media, but should be brought to our attention. Usually seen in newsprint rather than on the walls in a gallery, this collection of work offers a glimpse at some of the most moving, important and sharply executed photographs from across the world.

The World Press Photo exhibition shows at Mitchell Galleries at the State Library until July 22.

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