Work-Shop Sydney has announced new classes. Choose from polishing up your handy skills, creating good first impressions, tattoo illustration 101, DIY Kombucha and a chat with Ben Lee on how to survive the slow burn of being an artist in it for the long haul.

Since opening in 2013, founders Chester Garcia and Matt Branagan’s Chippendale location has become an established space for those looking for a new trade, or to hone an old one. “Since starting, we’ve really branched out into a lot of fresh interests. There’s more food classes, more life-skill workshops, and we work a lot more with great creatives,” says Branagan.

Highlights of the upcoming workshops include The Coffee Shop Networker, which teaches the skills and tricks of making a good first impression. Tattoo artist Aidan Mckenzie will run an illustration class. He’ll outline the history and processes behind getting inked. There’ll also be a DIY-kokedamas (Japanese hanging plants) workshop.

Branagan’s favourite workshop, however, is Ben Lee’s talk: How to Die & Other Aspects of Being an Artist. Lee has been recording and writing music since he was a pre-teen, and has plenty of experience with how to maintain longevity without letting the big questions get him down.

“We got in touch through Instagram, asking him to teach a workshop, something like songwriting,” says Branagan. Work-Shop’s original idea, however, wasn't anywhere near as philosophical as what Lee had in mind. “He didn’t want a bar of that, something so standard. He came back with something much bigger, on death, mortality and ways to be an artist.”

Branagan says his favourite part of the Work-Shop experience has been watching people realise a new passion or interest from popping in and attending a class.

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“I hear back all the time from people who made Christmas presents based off our DIY jewellery workshops, or decided to pick up watercolours as a career after giving it a go at one of our classes,” said Branagan. “It’s really rewarding.”

For a full list of Work-Shop’s classes and workshop’s, visit their website.