You may have already heard of Firedoor, the restaurant on the cover of this issue. It opened at the end of April but its significance required a deeper investigation. The restaurant is the first of its type in Australia: there’s not one grill or electric oven in the whole place – everything is cooked over fire and the wood used is as important as the produce. The ingenuity of chef Lennox Hastie’s approach can only be appreciated when you taste clams cooked over apple wood, served in not much more than their own juices.

You won’t get cabin fever this winter if you know which doors to knock on. Start with Eating World, an infamous Sydney food court. We map it out so you can go back again and again to eat your way through the medley of cuisines there.

It might be tempting to stay home when it’s cold but then you’ll miss singing sea shanties in Redfern every Monday, or learning how to swing dance, rockabilly-style on Thursdays; two of the bar events we discovered when we went looking for things to do on a school night.

Rolling Records is a sky-blue, solar-powered record store on wheels – find the van and spend an afternoon sitting in the back, listening to vinyl. We sit down with the eminent John Kaldor to talk about his 40 years of bringing groundbreaking art to Australia. Kaldor Public Arts Projects is presenting Marina Abramović: In Residence as its 30th project. As a proud media partner, we’re especially excited to be challenged by her work.

We have a recipe by the cocktail masters at Bulletin Place, just for us – think mulled wine with a kick, ideally enjoyed under piles of blankets with a good book.

I’m thrilled to bring you this issue as acting editor while Sophie McComas is taking a break. I hope you enjoy reading it a much as I did making it.

Georgia Booth
Acting Editor