Since launching in 2011, Four&Sons has been the go-to online destination for the discerning dog lover. Featuring stylishly photographed canines (sometimes in handsome outfits), thoughtful articles and a distinct lack of tacky dog-food ads, founders Marta Roca and Christina Teresinski of dogs’ accessories line Best in Park started out with the goal to combine canines with culture.

Roca describes her discovery of her love of dogs as “a bit by accident”. “I was introduced to this crazy world by Christina, who is the ultimate dog person,” she recalls. “Then we thought about what would happen when dogs and culture came together, because I have a background in design. The more I explored the more addicted to this dog world I got.”

After a limited run of a one-off street-press format last year, Four&Sons is due to release its first full-length print magazine in May this year. The spring issue (the magazine will be following the northern-hemisphere seasons) will be first of what is to be a biannual publication.

“We feel a bit like collectors,” Roca explains. “We just want to collect stories from interesting people who have dogs, their experiences with dogs and beautiful images of dogs and their owners from around the world.”

Four&Sons Volume One will feature contributions from Mike Mills, Martin Usborne, Dave Eggers, Nathaniel Russell and many more. The magazine will also include the first installment of Four&Sons’ guide to dog-friendly places, starting with Brooklyn, New York.

Pre-orders for the upcoming print issue are open today (which coincidentally is ‘Love Your Pet Day’), and dog lovers who submit their pre-orders between February 20 and 28 will go in the running to win a pet travel carrier that is the result of a collaboration between Berlin-based companies Cloud7 and Tumi.

Four&Sons Issue One is now available to pre-order, and will be released in May 2014.