From where we're standing Sydney is experiencing a radical boom at the moment. There’s an energy about the city right now; exciting things are happening.

It seems that since the liberalising of alcohol licensing laws in 2008 the city has flourished, far beyond the opening of a few small bars. What we’ve seen is an astonishing proliferation of independent operators opening spaces with passion and character – a movement that has seen Sydney evolve into a city rich with a culture of independent bars, restaurants, cafes and boutiques. But for us, it’s not just that Sydney has a rejuvenated culture of bars, restaurant, cafes and stores – we want to know who’s opening them and which of them are worth our time and money.

We’ve launched Broadsheet Sydney to explore the specifics of what’s happening in this city and how that relates to those of us that live here. Broadsheet mostly exists as an online magazine and directory, but in December we'll be publishing our first quarterly print issue - which you'll find in many of the city's great cafes, shops and bars.

We’ll endeavour to keep you up to date with what’s going on around town and to cover, analyse and comment on it with intelligent and insightful writing, sharp photography and clear, clean, crisp design.

There’s no exact science here; at the end of the day we’re just writing about what we like and respect. But we think that’s important. You can rest assured that what you read on Broadsheet is what we honestly believe, and not there because someone has paid us to put it there.

We’ve worked hard to put together a team of people whose opinions and judgement are valuable. As well as some of the city’s most talented young writers, we’ve been working with some people we really admire and feel are integral in making this city what it is.

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We’re really excited about the year ahead. New shops, bars and restaurants continue to open, a festival of some kind seems to be on every other week and there’s always something happening that we haven’t even begun to hear about yet.

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We look forward to seeing you around town.

Nick Shelton Publisher