Just now, I tried to find out how many images there are available to view on the whole of the world wide web, and it seems that no one is willing to even take a guess. While image sharing sites clock up billions of hosted images and the fact that almost everyone carries a camera on their phone, it becomes harder each day to wade through the onslaught of visual data.

Well, Tommy Thoms, Jack Harries and their extended network are willing to do the legwork through their project The Heavy Collective. They believe that great photography should not just rely on a light-backed screen to engage audiences. While the collective’s website includes an interview archive and a self-portrait project, their other forays into delivering photographs to hungry audiences include exhibitions pasted in the streets and now a gallery exhibition.[fold]

For the exhibition, Heavy Press, Thoms and Harries remove the photograph from cyberspace and place it back in the domain of ink and paper. Focusing on book making and self-publishing, The Heavy Collective have selected 10 other photographers from Australia and around the world including Matt Martin, Sam Stephenson, Natalie Nikitovic, Ryan Florig, Zac Handley, Will Braden, Alex Cooke, Aedan Lee, Geordie Cargill, Anthony Robinson and Alex Serafini. Each artist will present a publication – in most cases a black and white laser printed zine – alongside a single photographic image at Kind Of Gallery in Darlinghurst.

So which is heavier, a tonne of books or a tonne of data? Perhaps the Heavy Collective have the answer. Heavy Press shows at Kind Of Gallery from December 5 to 12.