So, you know that “Banksy caught on camera in Melbourne?” video circulating your Facebook feed this afternoon?

Excuse us while we sharpen our big, shiny pin.

The 40-second phone video, which has already been shared by several major media outlets, “captures” the world-famous, elusive street artist in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, AKA ground zero for Australian street art. It shows a crouching man completing a stencil of Pauline Hanson, who wears a t-shirt that says, “Fuck off, we’re fools”. There’s a Bansky logo next to it.

As the artist walks away, the woman filming begins running after him, shouting “Banksy!”

When she catches up, the hoodie-and-scarf wearing figure looks into the camera and yells a muffled, “Fuck off!” before running around the corner.

The video came to Broadsheet via a tip email. It read:

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“I thought you might like this! So I was walking home from work late last night and I was watching a street artist doing a piece in Hosier lane. I double backed [sic] and pulled out my phone as he was finishing up. I'm pretty sure it was Banksy!”

A quick search of the sender’s full name brought up a Melbourne-based LinkedIn profile, listing her as a “digital-savvy multimedia professional” in Media Sales and Strategy. Broadsheet’s requests for comment have so far gone unanswered.

Also, The Art of Banksy exhibition is launching in two days, literally over the road in Federation Square, which is not authorised by Banksy. So, there’s that.