A garden blooming with succulents, herbs, salad leaves and flowers should not be restricted by the limited outdoor space afforded to those living in the inner city. Urban Gardenista, an online shop selling ready-to-plant flower and vegetable garden kits, aims to take the trouble out of choosing plants which are suitable for small spaces and busy lifestyles.

“We wanted to deliver a readymade, coordinated set of plants that look lovely,” says founder Amanda Wise. “We wanted to take the guesswork out and allow beginners to enjoy the fun of gardening and watch their plants grow.”

Urban Gardenista offers a diverse range of seasonal garden boxes, which includes daisies, lavender and mauve posies. For budding urban growers, herbs and vegetable boxes are available every two months with kitchen-ready ingredients like oregano, lettuce, lemongrass, artichokes and strawberries.

“Balconies and small spaces have shade and sun. Balconies are tricky because they can be windy and have harsh sunlight,” explains Wise. “We select plants that are easy to care for, that won’t die if you forget to water them.”

With the assistance of horticultural consultant Chantelle Matthews and Cameron’s Nursery, the well-designed boxes arrive with mature, weather-resistant plants (there’s no need to wait and watch the seedlings grow) as well as helpful gardening instructions and styling advice.

“People have tried before and failed. Our aim is to get people started with gardening – it’s all about easy maintenance,” says Wise.

With 12 plants to a box, simply choose your kit, find the pots and add the potting mix to start your urban garden.