To celebrate its 20th year, and more than 200 exhibitions hung, Sarah Cottier Gallery in Paddington has gathered works from some of the 80-or-so artists who have exhibited in the gallery over the past two decades. 20/200 includes 66 total works shown in chronological order, beginning with the first artist to have ever shown at the gallery through to the most recent. Map a path through the gallery’s thoroughly rich history from Hany Armanious, all the way through to Matthys Gerber. Some are new works while others have been selected from the artists’ original exhibition at Sarah Cottier.

20/200 is a treasure trove of contemporary sculptural work – Christopher Hanrahan’s copper-coloured wheel Void as Void (copper) hangs in the first room, as well as John Armleder’s fluorescent yellow Perspex Sculpture and Stephen Little’s beech-wood chair, Familiar Correspondence (1). Jamie North’s cracked-concrete column is alive from the inside out; with lush, green fern leaves sprouting through the centre and in the second room Huseyin Sami’s Mobile #1 (hot pink) is a hanging tangle of bubblegum.

On the more abstract side Tony Schwensen’s Study for Failed States of Failure – is an A4 sheet stuck to the gallery wall with masking tape, the title of the work typed in bold Arial font. There are also pieces by Gail Hastings, Gemma Smith, Jonathan Zawada, Sydney Ball and Mike Parr – making up an exhibition of what is literally a roll call of some of Australia’s best artistic talent.

20/200 exhibition runs at Sarah Cottier Gallery at until April 17, 2014.

Sarah Cottier Gallery
23 Roylston Street, Paddington
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