As part of Kaldor Public Art Projects’ upcoming Marina Abramović presentation, Marina Abramović: In Residence, the internationally revered performance artist will personally mentor 12 local performance artists via a live-in artist residency program. Held at Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay, the residency will be open to the public and will run for 12 days.

Abramović has hand selected each of the 12 artists (from Sydney and interstate) from a list of 65 developed by Kaldor Public Arts Projects. The artists will be coached in performance endurance through the Abramović Method and will hone their own practice, all the while on show to the exhibition’s visitors.

Among the selected local talent is Sydney performance outfit Zin, comprised of Harriet Gillies and Roslyn Helper. Similar to Abramović’s more recent work, Zin is interested in the elasticity of artist-audience relationships. “Often our presence in our work is quite removed, and we like to think of ourselves less as performers and more as facilitators,” says Gillies.

“Being there every day for 12 days is going to offer a really unique insight into [Abramović’s] work, and how she works,” says Gilles. “We’re excited to be immersed in that environment and to have the luxury of the two weeks to really talk to people and learn though collaboration and discussion, but also to have the opportunity to test out some of our own performance ideas in a public space.”

The 12 artists involved are: Nat Abbott (Melbourne); Frances Barrett(Sydney); Clark Beaumont comprised of Sarah Clark and Nicole Beaumont (Brisbane); Lottie Consalvo (Newcastle); Nicola Gunn (Melbourne); George Khut (Sydney); Sarah Jane Norman (Berlin & the Blue Mountains); Sarah Rodigari (Sydney); Christian Thompson (London); and Zin, comprised of Harriet Gillies and Roslyn Helper (Sydney).

Marina Abramović: In Residence is at Pier 2/3 June 24–July 5. Broadsheet is a proud media partner of Kaldor Public Art Projects in presenting Marina Abramović: In Residence.