Ginkgo Leaf at the Oxford Street end of Queen Street in Woollahra brings a little bit of Japan to the design-minded in Woollahra. The neat, bright, white space is the perfect blank canvas against which to showcase contemporary, artisan, Japanese homewares, including perfectly balanced teapots, platters, bowls and teacups.

Founder of Ginkgo Leaf, Yew Kong Tham, feels that until now there has been a lack of artisan Japanese products available to the public and hopes to remedy this with this new concept store.

“Good design is our value,” says Tham. “It equates to heirlooms and we are big on simplicity and functionality.”

You won’t find any unnecessary frills here, just HASAMI porcelain, studio mute wooden roly cups and KAICO enamelware. All items are sourced by Tham directly from artisans who excel in design and their craft in Japan. Each item combines beauty and practicality to create out of the ordinary pieces.

“Some of the pieces are exclusive to the store because they are so tactile,” says Tham. “You can’t sell them online because you need to feel them.”

Previously seen at Kings Cross markets, Tham has been operating in his new Woollahra space for six weeks and continues to make trips back to Japan to find the best products available.

“It’s important to go back and see my suppliers and say hello, because most are small-time producers and it’s good to engage with them.” Now Sydney has a chance to engage as well.

Ginkgo Leaf
43a Queen Street, Woollahra

Hours Wed to Fri 10am–5.30pm
Sat 11am–5pm
Sun 11am–4pm