Even in the age of the internet mash-up, the work of Japanese artist Tomokazu “Matsu” Matsuyama stands out for its cosmic splash of lurid colours and bold, naggingly familiar graphics.

Born in Tokyo but raised in the US since the age of nine, Matsu’s use of folkloric imagery, both Western and traditional Japanese, places his art somewhere between the two empires. Matsu’s artwork pushes his cultural references to someplace strange, adrift from their origins. It’s art that suggests a language spanning oceans, and his innate ability is about to be put to the test, in a quite literal way.

For his new Australian exhibition, Matsu has teamed up with Toshiba to discover what kind of collection he can conjure on a flight from Tokyo to Sydney, using just one device.

Matsu will board a flight in Tokyo with an unplugged Toshiba Portégé Z20T laptop, with plans to create an entire collection of artworks that will go on display at a two-day event in Sydney, shortly after he lands. Normally we’d show you a preview of the show at this point, but as the art going on display does not exist, we’ll have to put our trust in this new technology and the wild imagination of Matsu.

The show will go on display at the Quayside Room at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on Wednesday, 24th June and Thursday, 25th June 2015.

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