A new gallery space has arrived at Chippendale’s burgeoning cultural and creative hub. Behind the suburb’s rising towers and escalating, exciting new development remains a small pocket of quiet leafy streets, and the home of Tiny Tailor Gallery. With a particular sway towards emerging talent from South Australia, the gallery has been set up to showcase stand-out pieces from artists and designers you might not otherwise come across in Sydney.

“I sit on the South Australia branch of the Design Institute of Australia, so I know quite a few amazing designers that maybe aren’t already represented in NSW,” explains Ali Foster, one half of the creative duo behind Tiny Tailor. Foster decided to develop the new gallery concept alongside cousin Adam Callen, who runs his digital entertainment and graphic-design agency, Made in Katana, upstairs. “It’s a great pairing of both of our backgrounds,” says Foster. “We’re both bringing different strengths to it.” While still early days, the pair plans to house exclusive collections, special artist collaborations and joint events with neighbouring bars and creative spaces.

The gallery will swing open its doors this week with a new series of paintings by Adelaide-based artist Rohan Fraser entitled Black Mountain. Also on show in the space is a series of singular design pieces – beautiful minimalist stools by Adelaide-based Hunt Furniture, handmade planters from Dot & Co in Melbourne, and hand-printed textiles from Julie White in Adelaide. Particularly special is a powder-coated black steel record crate cradling Beach House’s red velvet vinyl Depression Cherry – the piece was designed by Emma Sadie Thomson in collaboration with Callen himself.

“We’ve set it up this way because we want people to see how these pieces would work in their homes,” says Foster. “We want the art we show to be accessible. You buy art because you love it; it’s an emotional purchase. We want people like us to be able to come in and buy.”

The exhibition Black Mountain by Rohan Fraser opens Thursday October 8.

Tiny Tailor Gallery
10 Bartley Street, Chippendale