When she launched her Sydney-based linen label Cultiver back in 2012, founder and CEO Nicolle Sullivan was insistent that it would remain an online-only store. But since then she’s come to realise there’s plenty of room for a physical presence.

“When I started, I was really passionate about online [retail] and I thought that’s all I ever wanted to do – but it’s been really interesting to me that bricks-and-mortar retailing hasn’t gone away. It’s got its own place alongside online, so it’s been interesting to learn more about that and find our path in the space,” she tells Broadsheet.

She discovered this first-hand when Cultiver opened its first concept store in Melbourne three years ago. “We’ve really enjoyed that direct connection with our Victorian customers,” she says.

Since then, Sullivan’s been waiting for the right space to become available in Sydney – and now, Cultiver has opened its first Australian flagship store in Mosman. “I had a very specific idea in mind of where we wanted it to be and what it’d look like,” Sullivan says.

Designed by interior architect Phoebe Nicol, the spacious 100-square-metre corner store is wrapped in glass to let in plenty of natural light. The walls are finished with hand-rendered venetian plaster, and the light-oak herringbone floor adds character to the otherwise pared-back space.

“We wanted our store to inspire people. We wanted it to be different to where people have bought bed linen in the past ... we wanted to evoke that feeling of luxury and specialness,” Sullivan says.

The fit-out complements the delicacy of Cultiver’s collections, including the brand’s popular bed-linen sets and napkins made from 100 per cent European flax. You can also shop the new bathroom range, which has pure linen and soft denim towels.

“The products that we’re selling in the homewares category, they’re not crazy innovative,” says Sullivan. “What we do differently is the way we curate those products and filter what we think is best-of-breed in every category … it’s not super on-trend, but more classic and timeless, and we wanted our store to be all of that.”

The Mosman store may have just opened, but Sullivan already has her sights set on expanding her bricks-and-mortar footprint, including a flagship in Melbourne.

643 Military Road, Mosman
1300 016 772

Mon to Sat 9am–5pm
Sun 10am–4pm