No dry, hour-long speeches, no lengthy recitations of curriculum vitae and definitely no Powerpoint presentations – The Jacky Winter Group and Australian InFront have teamed up to turn the traditional conference format on its head and bring an unprecedented level of access to the creative process while they’re at it.

Taking the old adage ‘show, don’t tell’ to heart, Field Trip is set to bring together seven artists from The Jacky Winter Group to demonstrate their design skills in a unique live format. Working across disciplines from vector and traditional illustration, to motion graphics, photography and 3D modelling, the artists will create new works on stage or dissect existing briefs. The result: creativity, demystified. Well, hopefully.

“We really wanted to break away from the idea that the audience is there to simply absorb and receive a presentation,” says Jeremy Wortsman, director of The Jacky Winter Group. “We wanted it to have more of a voyeuristic feel, in that the audience could see the more messy bits that happen in the process of creating work, and not just the end result.” Each presentation will be captured through video feeds from live cameras as well as source computers, giving the audience a blow-by-blow understanding of the creative process. [fold] “While each speaker will have a small part of the traditional slideshow attached, the majority of the experience is about obtaining direct insight through watching each artist actually use the tools of their trade,” continues Wortsman. “Sort of like getting to see how the sausage gets made, but in this case, the sausage is commercial art.”

The line-up includes a diverse roster of creatives, including illustrator Nigel Buchanan, paperform artist Benja Harney, embroidery revivalists Maricor/Maricar, motion graphics duo Flutter, infographic designer Anthony Calvert, typographer Gemma O'Brien, and 3D/CGI specialists Forge & Morrow. Each artist will have 45 minutes to develop their work or dissect a brief, with an opportunity for the curious to ask questions at the conclusion of each presentation. At the end of the day, there’s an after-party, conveniently located across the road at The Rose’s upstairs bar, Marmalade.

So what does Wortsman hope attendees will take away from the genre-busting conference? “Apart from a great tote bag and a potential hangover?” he laughs. “I think if even just a few people look at a presentation and have it give them the confidence to try it out themselves, or a new appreciation for something they might have never considered previously in a professional or creative context, I think that we will have done our job well.”

Fieldtrip will take place on Friday December 7 at The York Theatre, The Seymour Centre, Cornerr Cleveland Street and City Road, Chippendale.

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