Marking Time
March 29 to June 3, 2012
Level 3

The new MCA’s inaugural international exhibition Marking Time presents the work of Edgar Arceneaux, Tatsuo Miyajima, Lindy Lee, Daniel Crooks, Tom Nicholson, Jim Campbell, John Gerrard, Gulumbu Yunupingu, Katie Paterson, Elisa Sighicelli and Rivane Neuenschwander. Each artist chooses a different way to reflect the passing of time via drawing, film, video, animation, sculpture and installation. In keeping with its theme, the exhibition unfolds over a 24-hour cycle. Some works come to life at night on the Museum’s front lawn, while others materialise during the course of the exhibition, activated by visitors passing through the spaces.

The Clock
March 29 to June 3, 2012
Level 1 North

This video work by renowned New York composer and installation artist Christian Marclay (winner of the Golden Lion at last year’s Venice Biennale) has garnered attendance records wherever it has been shown. It consists of several thousand extracts from cinema history, each referencing a specific moment in time, usually via the appearance of a clock or watch. These scenes have been edited together and shown so that the time sequence is synchronised with viewers’ real time. The clock will be shown continuously throughout museum opening hours and the full 24-hour video will be shown each Thursday.

Volume One: MCA Collection
Level 2 and Level 1 South

The MCA has been collecting the work of Australian artists since 1989, but has never before been able to mount a permanent exhibition of this collection. All the biggest names in the Australian contemporary art scene are here, including Gordon Bennett, Shaun Gladwell, Susan Norrie, Rosalie Gascoigne, Juan Davila, William Yang, Patricia Piccinini, Tracey Moffatt and Daniel Boyd. A special room has been devoted to research of the collection and to view the works from the MCA contemporary art archive.